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DKV Euro Service for customers recovers excise duty on mineral fuels

Companies refueling in Italy, France, Belgium, Hungary, Spain and Slovenia can now recover with the help of DKV excise duty, which are covered with mineral oils. The condition is the purchase of fuel card and unambiguous assignment to the vehicle refueling.

Recall, that a refund of excise duty on mineral oils can apply carriers, who are established in the European Union. This possibility is for the purchase of fuel for vehicles, engaged in the carriage of goods, with a total weight min. 7,5 t, as well as buses and buses with at least eight seats.

"It's a very cost-effective solution. If the driver TIR, passing through Europe, refueling twice to complete, a single tank perform e.g.. in Belgium, will be able to apply for reimbursement of excise duty, even at a level above 140 euro. Total Discount on fuel, DKV customers who receive and the ability to apply for a VAT refund, are in huge savings per year "- says Jerzy Jesuit, adviser at DKV Euro Service.

We checked further example of Belgium – day refueling 30 December 2017 r. The base price of the fuel was then 1,15 euro. After taking off 0,15 the euro and the reimbursement of excise duty 0,1775 euro, received net price 0,83 euro. After adding the DKV commission gives the real economy 27,55%.

When you can get a refund of excise duty
Excise tax can be recovered, if payment for refueling mineral was carried out using a fuel card, credit or debit card. Requirement is also possible to assign registration numbers to a specific vehicle refueling invoiced. document, which entitles you to apply for a refund of vehicle registration document and a copy of the rental agreement or lease agreement in the case, the entity applicant is not the owner of the vehicle.

Most countries, where applicable excise tax on fuel, It gives you the opportunity to recover tax at least one year ago. You need to consider additional savings, which brings simultaneous recovery of VAT on fuel purchased in these countries. Reimbursement of excise duty gives savings in the range 5 – 21% depending on the country and the volume. While the additional VAT refund 17 – 27 %. If DKV customer has not used up to now with the possibility to recover the VAT or excise duty, only need to, that report to his supervisor in DKV,

Detailed data about the heights reimbursement of excise duty from individual countries here: https://www.dkv-euroservice.com/pl/usługi/zwrot-podatku/zwrot-podatku-od-olejow-mineralnych/

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