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DKV settle charges ECOTAXE




In July 2013 r. France plans to introduce a new tax in the form of toll (according to the latest information from the French Government the date of introduction of the project was postponed to 01.01.2014 r.). Adopted a name for Ecotaxe. There will be trucks with GVW over 3,5 t., moving national roads and trails fast lane.

Ecotaxe will be settled automatically by the on-board device DKV Box offered by the provider of fuel cards DKV Euro Service.

Road tax will be collected in parallel to a working day for the highway toll system called TIS PL. Ecotaxe will cover more than 15 thousand. km of national and local, so there will be no possibility of passing through France avoiding toll roads. In practice, this will mean, that carriers will have to register separately for the two charging systems: TIS PL - applicable on highways and Ecotaxe - applicable on other roads.

Settlement payments

Ecotaxe fees will be significantly lower than the rates for the highway. Amount to an average of 0,12 euro for kilometr. Their height will depend on the type of vehicle, emissions class and the number of kilometers.

Receivables Ecotaxe system will be settled under the pre-paid (prepayment) lub post-paid (using the on-board unit). Companies interested in direct registration will have to be purchased from the French operators of two different devices: separate for TIS PL and for Ecotaxe.

DKV Box: Ecotaxe and TIS PL in one box!

To avoid, the carrier may decide to one universal device DKV Box, offered by the operator DKV fuel card. The advantage to benefit from this solution will be able to obtain a discount to 10%, total invoicing e-toll systems in both French, and the ability to deduct VAT on road tolls TIS PL. Management fees will be available free of charge in the eReporting, located on the website DKV.

More: www.dkv-ecotaxe.com

Comparison of TIS PL and Ecotaxe

The toll highway

Tax on national roads
and local

System Name




DSRC (microwave technology)

The hybrid system: GPS + DSRC


From 2007 r.

From 20 July 2013 r.*


Network ok. 9.000 km autostrad

Ok. 15.000 km of national and local


All vehicles over 3,5 t

All vehicles over 3,5 t


Post-paid, np. the device DKV Box
Pre-paid, np. once paliwową DKV

Post-paid, np. the device DKV Box
Pre-paid np. paid fuel card DKV


0,19 € of km, depending on the category of vehicle
Current Tariff
Vehicle category

0,12 € per km, depending on the category of vehicle


Max. 13% with payments in arrears in France
Discounts France

The possibility of a tax reduction of about. 10% on selected sections

*-Date of change
O DKV Euro Service

DKV Euro Service is an international provider of fuel cards and service DKV Card. The company exists since 1934 and is the oldest and the largest on Europe's roads service organization. Covers the above 80 000 stations and service points. The Polish representative works from DKV 20 years. It works here with a network of over 3400 stations, and 150 workshops. DKV fuel card enables cashless refueling stations of different brands and access many additional services, m.in. accounting tolls, remedial services, web services to manage transactions and foreign VAT refund.

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