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Western Association of Road Carriers

Western Association of Road Carriers

The EC rejected the protest 11 countries on posted workers

The European Commission rejected the protest of eleven countries, including Polish, on the posting of workers. Could not so countries of Central and Eastern block regulations.

Brussels promises to further work on amendments to the Directive, which – as emphasized by the government in Warsaw – They are unfavorable for Polish companies.

The idea presented in March, the EC proposals, which may hit the Polish company, especially building, operating on the EU market. Polish entrepreneurs believe, that ideas, which is pushing Brussels, significantly raise their costs and thus reduced competitiveness.

Today, companies posting their workers to work abroad must provide them with only the minimum wage of the host country. Meanwhile, the project involves the European Commission, that the employee sent by his employer to another EU country for a period of time should have the right to equal pay, as a local employee, and not only to the minimum wage.

(…) “yellow card” to the EC proposal raised parliaments Polish, Bulgaria, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia.

(…) It is still possible to block regulations, when you take care of them EU Member States, but it will be very difficult.

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talk ws. the minimum wage in Germany and France was held in Luxembourg 7 June. during a meeting of EU ministers responsible for transport at the request of Polish, which opposes the ideas of the authorities in Paris and Berlin. Supported us several countries.

Poland believes, ideas that France and Germany share the EU market, and for truck drivers imposes bureaucratic requirements, which are too expensive. Some companies fall, I will not be able to bear such costs. – If you eliminate our drivers, who will be hauled goods even after your ways? In France and Germany will not find so many drivers, to handle all the freight traffic, for the elimination of drivers from eastern countries – He said during the debate in Luxembourg, the Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk.

(…) For the countries of Central – Eastern Europe also joined Spain, Portugal, and Ireland and criticized France and Germany for the introduction of regulation at national level, that destroy European unity.

In total 14 States urged the European Commission, that guarded the cohesion of the single market. France and Germany during the debate in Luxembourg, supported officially Sweden, Denmark, and Belgium.

European Commission's decision on the regulations of the German minimum wage will be announced within weeks, even days – He revealed the Troika EU Commissioner Elizabeth Bieńkowska.

At the new German law on the minimum wage complained about 17 countries – Troika said in Elizabeth Bieńkowska, EU EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services. Commissioner. Internal Market and Services said,, that this problem only styled as provisions on minimum wage. reserved, that the European Commission is behind the idea of ​​a European minimum wage. – But here we are talking about the whole package of additional administrative and bureaucratic burdens for foreign businessmen traveling through Germany – explained.

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A common objection to the Posting of Workers Directive


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