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Western Association of Road Carriers

Western Association of Road Carriers

France – minimum wage for drivers – update

Macron law: The procedure HERE

Principles of settlement of the French minimum wage HERE

From 1 July foreign companies engaged in the transport in France will have to pay at least drivers 9,61 euros per hour. That day shall come into force the provisions of French Law Loi Macron. And given her the Regulation requires - beyond the level of salary - many of the requirements for carriers outside of France. It m.in. the obligation of prior notification to drivers, have a representative on the Seine or documentation in Balzac.

Maciej Wronski organization Transport and Logistics Poland alerts, that for small entrepreneurs in practice, it is time to leave the French market. As for the big, This calls into question the profitability of their business.

- France is another country after Germany, which by means of protectionist regulations closed to foreign competition transport market. With this, that in comparison with the German law on the minimum wage regulations in Paris are even more strict - believes Wronski. Example: for non-compliance sanctions are laid down not only for the carrier, but also for the principal. And that could deter European business from the cooperation with our companies.

The entire article HERE.

source: www.gazetaprawna.pl

More information on minimum wage in France HERE.


Despite the negative position of the European Commission, France still wants – German model - hit the Polish transport companies. The French government has already pushed through a second time without a vote in the National Assembly (16 June 2015 r.) reform package, which assumes m.in. introduction of a minimum wage for foreign - including Polish - the truck drivers.

To avoid a long debate in the National Assembly, French government for the second time in four months he decided to use the abridged procedure, and forced the lower house of parliament for adoption without a vote of the controversial draft law on economic recovery.

This part of the bill, which concerns wages of foreign truck drivers, so far it is very imprecise. observers suggest, it was intentional. Details will be contained only in the decree of application in this way,, to try to get past the objections of the European Commission. Many commentators highlights, that the government wants at all costs to reassure domestic transports, who increasingly complain “disloyal” competition from Polish companies and other countries, which offer cheaper services. The unions threaten, that if announced by the French government orders will not enter into force, This will block roads across the country. The new regulations on minimum wage, which in France is over 9,61 euro gross per hour, they involve foreign – including Polish – truck drivers, mainly in the case of cabotage, ie. situations, when loading and unloading of transported goods carried out in France. Full article HERE.


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