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Western Association of Road Carriers

Western Association of Road Carriers


Best offer of LOTOS members only ZSPD – details in the newsletter State


Karta LOTOS BUSINESS It is dedicated to companies and public institutions who use in their business passenger cars, vans, lorries and other transport modes as well as specialized equipment. LOTOS Business program is addressed to Customers, which exceeds the purchase of fuel 500 liters in a month.

To join the program LOTOS BUSINESS must submit an application to join the program and the following company documents certified as a true copy by the business owner or a person authorized to represent the company:

certificate of:

  • business registration or KRS no older than 3 months
  • receiving statistical identification number REGON,
  • assigning an identification number NIP,


LOTOS Fuels has signed an agreement on trade credit risk insurance company with Export Credit Insurance Corporation. Therefore, during the development of the cooperation you may be asked by the company to show the Export Credit Insurance Corporation company financial documents, to determine the credit limit on fuel purchases under the program BUSINESS LOTOS insurance and trade credit provided to you.

Depending on the size of the load we require different forms of protection for the use of deferred payment.

In the case of a positive assessment by Export Credit Insurance Corporation, We depart from having to provide additional security. The only requirement is to submit a blank promissory note with a promissory note declaration.

If necessary, provide additional security by the Client, LOTOS accepts the following forms of collateral:

  • bank guarantee,
  • Insurance guarantees repayment,
  • assignment or term deposit account security
  • mortgage on real estate

Individual terms of business, tj. invoicing, date of payment and discount are included in Annex A to this offer.


Ordered fuel cards entitling to purchase the stations will be allocated free of charge according to the defined by your needs and parameters.

Proposed parameters Cards:

Payment method: non-cash

Terms of Business:

Date of payment: 15 days from date of invoice
The frequency of invoicing: 2-4 times a month

Additional fees:

  • issue additional cards 20 PLN / 1 karta
  • duplicate card 20 PLN / 1 karta
  • changing parameters on the invisible 10 PLN / 1 karta

For more information about the offer without direct contact with customers Fleet Department of LOTOS Paliwa. z o.o. (such. +48 58 326 43 00).

If you have additional questions, please contact our representative:

Marcin Bogacki tel. 508 002 575

We invite you to cooperation!

ESSO Card Agreement – application form

The application for a card – CASH

Application for a non-cash cards to 50 cbm

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