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What will be 2019 year in road transport?

Mobility package seems to be the hottest topic of discussion among truck drivers and owners of transport companies. Meanwhile, nothing is certain yet, and the news from the European Parliament will have to wait a while. As in the case of new ideas for tachographs. During, when a provision is not yet in force, officials already have another revolutionary proposals. So what will change for sure, and what may become too distant and disturbing future? Comment Inelo experts and the National Center for Accounting Drivers.

Bet 2019:

Matusz Italy, Ekspert Inelo, which provides drivers and transport modern IT solutions to increase road safety and quality of work truckerów:

remember, Since January 2019 the new sanctions take effect resulting from the Act concerning SENT, ie compulsory information about transporting sensitive goods. Location data to be sent on a regular basis, every minute. For violation of this provision really threaten high penalties. Sanctions of this title will not escape the driver - he can pay from 5 do 7,5 thousand PLN in the case of non-compliance with the requirement. Entrepreneur and may be charged up 10 thousands of PLN.

Certainty is a so-called smart tachograph, which will be obligatory in the new truck mounted from 15 June 2019 year. Polish carriers have one of the most modern fleets in Europe. there, who purchase new vehicles in the second half of the year, They must reckon with the, that on board will be installed already a new generation of devices, which may result in higher cost of the vehicle. New tachograph is used not only for recording drivers' hours. It will also be equipped with an automatic recording location at the start, completion of the work, and every three hours drive. Inspectors will also be able to remotely, without stopping the vehicle for inspection, have insight, that may suggest tampering. They stop inspection services so specific, suspicious truck. This action will improve the work of auditors and improve the efficiency of detection of illegal practices and strongly raise road safety.

Mariusz Skurzyński, expert of the National Center for Settlement of drivers in terms of PIP:

Since the new year in many EU countries has increased the amount of minimum wage. In Poland, the salary is increased by 150 PLN gross. it is important, because the minimum wage on the contract has a majority of working behind the wheel, the rest of the payment in respect of additives are, for example, compensation for work in other countries or reimbursement of business trip, including diet or lump sums per night. Changes in the labor law or the transmission of salary - in the first place will be paid into an account, unless the employee submits a request for receiving the money earned by hand. Important information for drivers is the fact, Since January receivables from business travel may be subject to deductions alimony.

People talk about:

Luke Italy, chief expert of the National Clearance Center Drivers:

Polish carriers currently most interested in further work of the European Parliament on the so-called Mobility Package. In the case of final adoption of the new regulation in its current form, ie. general approach of the Council of the European Union, w 2019 he can move intensive checks of the minimum wage. Today, at the European level there are doubts, how and in what types of transport, service, which control the salary range drivers, according to the existing Directive, They have the right to impose penalties on businesses. Mobility Pack is uniquely solve this problem. Although EU member states will have a year or two to get used to and implement provisions into force, However, it should be emphasized, that France and Germany are already fully prepared to enforce the new standards.

Real change proposed by the Council of the EU are new, cabotage rules tightened, a type of carriage of goods, Polish transport companies which perform a lot in the EU. If the package is adopted in its current form, the carrier will be able to continue to perform three cabotage within seven days, but they will be a five-day ban on such travel within the same country. Compliance with the new rules will be subject to much stricter controls, because the smart tachographs services facilitate read-out data indicating the approximate time of border crossing. In addition, change of the rules of week of rest, tj. the carrier will have to organize the work of drivers in such a way, so that he may return home at least once every four weeks, or, if the employee chooses to two weekly rests shortened (at least 24 hours), You will be obliged to return home after three weeks. but remember, to ensure adequate working conditions for the driver. Regular weekly rest (at least 45 hours) practically every EU country must be spent outside the cab lorry. This is an important legal norm, which recently especially scrupulously observed by inspection services. Officers have the right to receive a check for breaks and rest periods 28 days back, and is also considered a proposal, which would extend this time to 56 days.

European carriers also await further information on the agreement binding on the Union and the United Kingdom. Brexit can introduce considerable chaos in the transport market, m.in. very long queues at the border, increasing formal requirements, commodity prices. Thus reduce the number of transport orders from and to the countries of the United Kingdom. this topic, Mobility Pack and the biggest unknowns 2019 year, which must be carefully monitor.

Matusz Italy, expert. development and training Inelo:

Enforce compliance with all EU directives in the future will be even easier. With the next edition of the new generation of tachograph records show exactly, not only when, but also where the driver performs work well beyond the borders of countries. In addition, the project is already extending the register of carriers and violations (KREPTD) new areas, that is, for example, the registration numbers of vehicles, and additional links to records in other countries. This is the main change in the Council of Ministers adopted the draft amendment to the law on road transport. In practice, this may affect the effectiveness of extracts from suspending licenses and reputations (in the case of multiple commit very serious infringements). For the record - an average of two BNP for the driver in the last year may even result in suspension 20% extracts of the license for three months (depending on the number of vehicles), and three result in the initiation of the evaluation procedure, whether the carrier can continue to perform transportation. Modification was initially scheduled for 30 January 2019 year, However, the Sejm work is continuing on the Act. Due to the need to adapt the system will enter into force three months after the day of announcement.

source: www.gospodarkamorska.pl

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