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Brexi: How to prepare – conference of the British Embassy

15 October in Warsaw a conference on Brexitu, organized by the Embassy of the UK. UK.

The conference was another opportunity to meet with representatives of the British government and talks with officials working on key issues related to trade with UK. Britain.

The conference announced, despite the designated date 31 October negotiations are still underway, so a lot can still happen. Administration declares, that is ready for any scenario. Representatives of the British customs administration informed about the measures adopted to preserve the flow of traffic at the borders and at the same time fulfilling its obligations under the customs rules. Actions involve the maximum simplification of the, However, the legal situation forces the introduction of customs clearance. A big interest was a presentation on behalf of the British Ministry of Transport. According to it, in the near future provide transportation to / from the UK will be provided under the existing rules. There are no plans in the short term for the introduction of a requirement of a Polish carriers permits road.

A separate part of the conference was the session on security at borders. A representative of the UK Border Force, Andy informed Coram, that despite Brexitu, carriers and drivers will have to continue to fulfill the obligations related to the protection of vehicles. Especially, that the borders may appear temporary inconvenience. British rules will not be changed in this regard, therefore very dependent services, to reach the widest possible range of drivers and carriers.

The second part of the conference was devoted to close-up customs procedures, which they will apply to the newly established customs border between Britain and the European Union.

Trade in goods with Britain after the non-contractual Brexicie will only be possible using one of the customs procedures, tj. TIR or WPT. When crossing the border, this process will be based on the principle of pre-prepare the paperwork and documents.

carriers, Operators will be required to complete and prepare all the documents at the latest 1 hour prior to arrival at the border. In order to simplify, facilitate and speed up border control documents, EU countries: France, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as the United Kingdom provide applications, that allow the integration of the customs declaration, together with supporting documents (np. phytosanitary certificates, veterinary) under one barcode.

Before driving a road vehicle at a terminal in a port or a tunnel will be carried out preliminary verification of documents. transports, which will not have a complete and correct documents, They will not be allowed on the terminal.
terminal (both on the French side when exporting to the EU, and the British export from England) will automatically merge and Reading of barcode (under which they are packed all electronic documents) with the registration number of the vehicle.

During the journey the driver is notified, or after the exit of the ferry and the exit of a tunnel is to be directed to green transition and continue their journey without problems, or the passage of orange – for further inspection. carriers, who will use TIR Carnets, They will always be directed to the orange line in order to make the formalities at the customs office.

It will be necessary to have an EORI number to trade to / from the UK and in the case of applying for authorization to use simplified customs procedures.
Carriers / transport companies / their representatives - to submit entry summary declarations must have a British number EORI.

All carriers using the TIR procedure have already EU EORI number. British EORI number will be needed to carriers, who will benefit from the transit procedure on import and export of goods to / from the UK.
When using the procedure T, British EORI number must have a guarantor, which issues the document carrier T1 / T2. British EORI number, and information on this subject can be obtained at: https://www.gov.uk/eori

British customs authorities provide, that customs offices are prepared to fulfill all formalities relating to the procedure for both the WPT, and the TIR carnet.

source: www.zmpd.pl

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