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Western Association of Road Carriers

Western Association of Road Carriers

Germany – change in the rules to pay outstanding toll from 1 January 2017r.

They not made your tolls in a timely manner or in the required amount. What to do?

Toll truck to be paid in accordance with § 4 paragraph 1 sentence 1 German Act on charging for the use of federal main roads (not M. BFStrMG) at the latest joining the use of public roads subject to fare. provisions tion. BFStrMG Act does not provide for the payment of tolls after using public roads.

Who does not pay tolls in accordance with the, violates the statutory provisions and commits an offense. The lessee, for breach of the rules to pay tolls, must reckon with the two proceedings. Firstly, unpaid tolls will be charged back to the so-called. procedure additional downloads (compare § 8 not M. BFStrMG). Secondly, failure to pay the toll rules is punishable as a misdemeanor always proceedings in cases punishable by fine (compare § 10 not M. BFMStrMG).

However, if you have not made your tolls in a timely manner or in the required amount once, You can submit or recommend the application to use public roads to be charged a toll to the Federal Office. transport of Goods (BAG) at a later time.

Voluntary payment of tolls back leads (so far) to withdraw from proceedings in cases punishable by a fine - as long as the act until samodenuncjacji not yet detected (np. the viaduct control). the Federal Office (BAG) by a decision then retrieves only the outstanding toll back.

It should be noted, with effect from 1. January 2017 r. (date of receipt) przesłanki samodenuncjacji, which exempt from the payment of a fine, are as follows tightens:

The fine for violation of the terms of § 10 paragraph 1 No. 1 not M. BFStrMG is not directed in cases of unintentional act, if

  1. perpetrator in writing or reported commanded notification act of the Federal Office for. transport of Goods (BAG) within two days,
  2. the act has not yet been found and
  3. perpetrator in the last six calendar months was not prosecuted on the basis of the violation for the same reason in the proceedings on the basis of the German Act on offenses (not M. OWiG).

In other cases § 47 not M. OWiG remains intact.

If samodenuncjacja meets the requirements set, will be issued only instruction without the imposition of administrative fines. If, however, samodenuncjacja does not meet the requirements or are already in the previous sentence, is based on a reported violation beyond downloading additional tolls will open the proceedings for an offense.

Please submit a request for payment of the outstanding toll using the form in German –APPLICATION to pay outstanding toll (samodenuncjacja). Please fill it in completely in capital letters and send by mail, by fax or by E-mail, the Federal Office (BAG). Further information is attached to form.

Information on the possible timely payment of tolls can be found at Toll Collect GmbH and the following Link.


form DE

form PL

source: BAG
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