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Western Association of Road Carriers

Western Association of Road Carriers

Debate on posted workers in the EP

The same pay for the same work: The European Parliament reacts to the European Commission's proposal on the posting of workers abroad.

Parliament debated a proposal to amend the provisions relating to workers, who are employed in one Member State, but they were temporarily posted by their employer to work in another EU country. The project was presented 8 March evening by the Commissioner. Employment Marianne Thyssen.

The opinions of the political groups were divided: for the center-left changes are too small, to prevent violations of workers' rights, center-right deputies concerned the amendment while the impact on the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Thyssen said Commissioner, that the European Union needs a clear, fair and enforceable rules governing labor mobility. In her view, the current rules do not always meet these conditions. She recalled, that since their adoption in 1996 the EU labor market has changed. The difference between the lowest and the highest minimum wage then expressed ratio 1: 3, today this ratio is 1:10.

The rules should ensure better protection of posted workers and equal conditions of service for domestic and cross-border service providers, prevent discrimination, and strengthen the transparency law – Commissioner announced.

Marianne Thyssen opted to adopt rules: the same wage for the same work done in the same place. Thus posted workers should be covered not only the provisions on the minimum wage, but also other principles governing remuneration in the country of service. In addition, employees seconded for a period longer than 24 months will be considered as constituting part of the workers in the labor market of the host country, to prevent abuses such as employing workers on less favorable terms than those of the host country.

legislative proposal, before its final adoption, in the coming months it will be discussed and analyzed by the Parliament and the Council under the co-decision procedure.

source: www.europarl.europa.eu


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