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Western Association of Road Carriers

Western Association of Road Carriers

EETS moves – one device to charge tolls throughout Europe

One board equipment suitable for use in EETS? So, possible – work on the technical aspects of the introduction in the EU countries one device to the settlement of all tolls come to an end. Service is responsible for the commercialization entity Toll4Europe, combining the efforts DKV Euro Service, T-Systems oraz Daimler AG. So here DKV Box EUROPE.

DKV BOX EUROPE meets the current requirements in force in all EU Member States, So it allows settlement of tolls in Europe. Every transaction in toll collection systems will be specified in a single settlement DKV.

DKV BOX EUROPE will in the future be applied throughout Europe. From the beginning 2018 r. You can use it to settle tolls in Belgium; shortly after the walk Austria, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. In the case of German and Polish is still no clarity on the implementation of the Regulation on EETS system operators toll road. Therefore, the current can not be determined, since when these countries will be possible to record the settlement and road tolls using EETS on-board equipment. This problem, however, apply equally to all companies offering solutions for EETS.


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