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Western Association of Road Carriers

Training, courses, Insurance.


Pomeranian Association of Road Carriers operates in Szczecin 27 years. ZSPD end 2019 census 306 members – transport companies. Moreover, the Association works with about 300 operators from around the country.

According to the statutes of the Association's business area is the territory of the Polish Republic. After entering the country's territorial reform 1999 year, The Association brings together members mainly from West Pomeranian and Lubuskie.

According to the Statute, ZSPD pursues the following objectives:

  • undertake a variety of activities in the field of international transport and forwarding on a community of interests of members of the Association;
  • representing the interests of members to national and international transport organizations, forwarding, tourism;
  • impact on the transport authorities to shape transport policy;
  • occurrence of initiatives to local administrative authorities in matters broadly defined transport infrastructure;
  • Cooperation with Customs Offices, Border Guard, insurance companies, teams of experts;
  • initiatives or participation in shaping and implementing the basic legal acts regulating the transport system, and especially international transport;
  • provide assistance and information to affiliated members on the activities of international road transport of passengers and cargo and freight forwarding;
  • training of members of the Association and the conduct of courses raising the qualifications of carriers and shippers;
  • publishing on the legal, economic and technical issues of international road transport;
  • taking action to integrate the environment of carriers and shippers.

Board of the Association realizes its goals through the implementation of tasks:

1. providing members and other interested bodies and organizations with the information and opinions concerning international road transport and freight forwarding.
2. members informed of the applicable provisions, habits, applied policy actions and the situation in international road transport and freight forwarding.
3. cooperation in preparing and issuing opinions on national and international regulations concerning international road transport and freight forwarding.
4. supply of road transport in at the disposal of the Association of domestic and foreign documents related to the implementation of the international road haulage and freight forwarding.
5. participate in the investigation concerning improper use of documents related to the implementation of the international road haulage and freight forwarding.
6. participation in the conduct of, negotiating and resolving issues of international road transport on the national and international.
7. acting in defense of the interests of members of the Association to institutions, organization, administration.
8. collaboration with training centers in improving the qualifications of the members of the Association.
9. Information supporting publications on international road transport.

Association sells permits, toll cards, prints CMR, parking cards, statements of days off, driver documentation, sheets and publications on international and domestic road transport.

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is the body that controls Association. It consists of 3 members appointed and dismissed by the General Meeting of Members.
The duties of the Audit Committee include:

  • control of the activities of the Association, with particular regard to the activities of the Association;
  • submit applications for approval of the financial statements of the Board by the General Assembly and discharge the Board;
  • submission to the General Meeting of Members of reports on the activities of the members of the Commission of the conclusions drawn from the findings of.

The Audit Committee may delegate of skill to complete the check requiring special knowledge.

The members of the Audit Committee:
Krzysztof Majewicz
John Light


The Board directs the activities of the Association and represents it outside. The right of the Board to represent the Association shall extend to all judicial and extrajudicial activities related to the daily management of the Association, and in particular includes entering into contracts, submission and receipt of declarations of intent.
The duties of the Board shall be:

  1. represent the Association;
  2. running current affairs of the Association and its property management;
  3. subscriptions, donations, grants and subsidies;
  4. determination of fees for activities carried out by the Office of the Association;
  5. drafting of the Rules of the Board;
  6. submitting to the General Meeting of Members of requests for the directions of the Association;
  7. reception, removing and expelling members;
  8. determination of the expenditure estimates Association;
  9. settlement of disputes between members;
  10. submission to the General Meeting of Members of requests for the directions of the Association;
  11. a policy development and activities of the Association.

The Board of Directors of the Association:

Romuald Szmyt – President

Richard Pilipionek – Vice-chairman

Wieslaw Tarka

Dariusz Matulaitis

Tadeusz Krysa




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