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Western Association of Road Carriers

Training, courses, Insurance.

Insurance for transport license

  • The rate of purchase – purchase insurance during their hours, without leaving home;
  • A minimum of formalities - a simple request without the need to enter the registration numbers of vehicles;
  • A practical solution – increase the insurance sum in connection with the acquisition of another vehicle by way of an annex;
  • Lowest price – the price is adjusted to the conditions and duration of the policy.

Licence to transport
From 04 December 2011 r. effective regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council 1071/2009 on 21 October 2006 introducing harmonized rules for access to the profession for all Member States of the European Union.
The regulation introduces an obligation to document the financial situation of the entrepreneur performing road transport in the form of, m.in. insurance for the first vehicle in the amount of 9000 EUR and each next in the amount of 5000 EUR.
Insurance is designed for road hauliers / entrepreneurs who apply for a permit / license or extract additional licenses - for proof of having minimum financial capacity.

Aegon Magyarország Általános Biztosító Zrt. (S.A.) based in Budapest, registered by the Registry Court of the Capital City. Budapest under the number 01-10-04136, operating in Poland through a Branch with headquarters in Chorzów.
Subject of Insurance
The insurer under the contract of insurance, will cover the Insured's liability or satisfy claims made against him financial, accordance with the requirements of Article 7 of Sections 1 and n. Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (WE)1071/2009 on 21 October 2009 and up to the amounts listed in point 1 of this article, the insurer is required when completing the application, exact details of the company and the number of vehicles, which pursues an economic activity.

How to obtain a policy?
1. Download application form:

Aegon – Proposal for the conclusion of insurance 2020

Aegon – Application for policy change 2020

2. Fill in accordance with the facts.
3. Send the completed form by e-mail: ubezpieczenia@stowarzyszenie.szn.pl or deliver it in person to West Pomeranian Association of Road Carriers
st. South 15, 71-001 Szczecin
tel/fax. 91 482 23 31, 91 482 21 03, 601 412 780, 603 066 655
Downloads :

The cost of insurance: The lowest price on the market!!!

For more detailed information, please call: 91 482 23 31, 91 482 21 03, 601 412 780, 603 066 655


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