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The package of mobility - the proposed changes to road transport

Yet nothing is a foregone conclusion but the mobility package is adopted by the European Parliament. Currently, his position will be forwarded to the Council of the European Union. If the Council accepts the suggested modifications, then it will be published timetable to implement them. The most important proposed amendments:

  1. Shortness of cabotage

Cabotage will be introduced to only 3 days, the next operation in the same country after 60 hours and until the execution of the new international carriage from a Member State, where the company is established.

  1. Exit to the country

The Carrier's obligation will be to plan the route, the driver is able to go home at least once every four weeks.

  1. Posting of drivers and the number of loading and unloading

With the duties related to the posting of drivers was disabled transit and bilateral operations – from country, which is the headquarters of the company, to another state and the carriage return. Being on the way to the destination country and on the road back will be allowed additional loading or unloading in other countries on a route, without being subject to the rules of posting. It is also another solution, that is, two loading or unloading on the way back, if you do not have a place of loading or unloading during the journey from Polish.


source: www.install.pl, own work.


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