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Western Association of Road Carriers

Training, courses, Insurance.

Periodic training of drivers – daily opening of the course

Holders of driving licenses:
a) Category D1, D1 E, D, D E,
b) category C1, C1 E, C, C E, must at 5 years, take periodic training.

Periodic training covers 35 hours of theoretical.

Driver responsible for the carriage by road is required to take periodic training and obtain the required entry (at 95) to license.
In the case of renewal of powers before the next five years.

Drivers, are required before the completion of the next periodic training before 5 years to perform medical and psychological. Therefore, you will need to re-exchange of driving licenses.

No current entry (at 95) It is sanctioned by a fine of up 800 zł penalty is applied to the driver performing the carriage road.

Price training: 300 zł gross

The price of the training manual and helpful leaflet with the drivers' hours.

We provide: materials and teaching aids, catering

Course Dates: opening of the course every day from Monday to Friday (Saturdays and Sundays agreement)

Please contact tel. 91 482-23-31, 91 482-21-03, 601 412 780, 603 066 655, 601 412 614

application form

e-mail: szkolenia@stowarzyszenie.szn.pl


Автошкола обучает на код 95 на русском языке.

КатегорияСдо 10.09.2009 г. – цена 300 злотых

Психологические обследования — цена 150 злотых

Терапевт = 150 злотых

Добейся кода 95 профессионального водителя и работай водителем в Евросоюзе.


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