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Planned reduce import large amounts of fuel from the eastern border to the Polish

The arrangements public was handed a draft amendment to the Law on Customs and Excise Duty Act (No. UD353 in Schedule legislative work program and the Council of Ministers http://legislacja.rcl.gov.pl/projekt/12308501/katalog/12492840#12492840 ). Proposed in the draft amendments envisage the introduction of limiting the amount of fuel, which can be imported into Polish from third countries in the standard tanks of motor vehicles from the exemption from import duties and excise taxes to the amount of 200 liters for imported fuel tank of a motor vehicle and a commercial special containers.

The aim of the project is to seal the tax and customs system through the introduction of restrictions on the amount of fuel imported in the standard tanks of motor vehicles from the exemption from import duties and excise taxes.

Businesses, who they want to bring the car more than Baku 200 liters of fuel will have to pay duty, VAT and excise duty.

Until the entry into force of the new regulations apply to existing limits on exemptions.

According to Article. 35 paragraph. 1 Law on excise duty exemption from excise duty shall be subject to the import of motor fuel transported in the standard tanks:

- motor vehicles, in an amount not exceeding 600 liters per vehicle,

- special containers, in an amount not exceeding 200 liters per container.

According to Article. 77 paragraph. 1 VAT Act - 200 l .

The project also proposes the use of the customs regulations the same method of calculating interest and collection of customs duties levied on, which is valid under the regulations defining the consumption of default interest on overdue tax contained in the Act - Tax Ordinance, which further ensures the uniformity of the calculation and collection of these two types of interest charged on import duties.

The public consultation runs until the Act 13 br brand.

The planned entry into force of the Act: 1 June 2018 r.

Drivers, who return from the East, They will be able to bring the car up in Baku 200 liters of petrol. With more not avoid the obligation to pay VAT, customs and excise.

Such records are to be included in the draft amendment to the law on customs and Excise Tax Act, to be published by end of March 2018 r.

The current rules concerning exemptions are in fact abused. Limits on imports covered by the exemptions are currently:

● in excise duty - 600 l (art. 35 Excise Tax Act),

● w VAT – 200 l (art. 77 paragraph. 1 VAT Act).

source: www.gazetaprawna.pl

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