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Western Association of Road Carriers

Western Association of Road Carriers

Posting of workers to other EU countries

Poland wants to block the directive on the posting of

Parliamentary groups opted on Wednesday in parliamentary debate for a resolution opposing the changes in the EU Directive on posted workers to the EU in the framework of the provision of services.

The parliamentary committee. The European Union proposed the Parliament the text of the resolution, which rejects the EU Directive and considers the change to be incompatible with the principle of subsidiarity.

Worse position of Polish companies

– The proposed Directive does not achieve the objectives of the proposed action at EU level in a way better than action taken at national level – proposes state committee.

The proposal to amend the Directive adopted by the European Commission 8 March presupposes, that the employee sent by his employer to another EU country should have the right to equal pay, as a local employee, and not only to the minimum wage. Would receive such. bonuses or allowances granted to employees of the local. according to the proposal, the period of the worker's posting exceeds 2 years, it should be fully covered by the labor law of the host country.

The Commission Polish Sejm opposes the change, fearing, that will worsen a situation of Polish companies posting workers on EU market – reduce their competitiveness.

– According to the Parliament currently in force in European Union law the use of the minimum wage in the EU Member State, on the territory of which the seconded employee, It allows for proper social protection for workers, while taking into account the natural differences in the level of economic development between Member States, which translate into differences in the amount of remuneration – the commission wrote in the draft annex to justify the resolution of the Sejm.

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