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Western Association of Road Carriers

Western Association of Road Carriers

Weekly rest of drivers in Germany – update 27.04.

The most recent information we have, probably not earlier than the second half of May or June. Germany will enter into force no stopping on a regular weekly rest period in the truck. If these changes come into force, transport company will be forced to the organization of work drivers, so that they can take 45 hour (and longer) break at home, in the office or in a predetermined, fixed location, providing full sanitary facilities.

The Federal Council on 31 br brand. adopted a bill relating to rest periods for drivers ( link to the Act). This project relates to the provisions for regular weekly rest period contained in Regulation (WE) No. 561/2006 and it contains only sanction for its breach.

Penalties are to be: from 60 euro for every hour improperly used vehicle resting on the driver and 180 euro for each hour of rest improperly used on the carrier.

Expected date of entry into force / regulations in this 1 May 2017 year.


The German federal government submitted a proposal to change the regulation called "Fahrpersonalgesetz" covering social issues in road transport. The new rules include a proposal to ban drivers spend regular weekly rest in the vehicle cabin (according to the EC 561/2006). As far as this regulation enters into force (possible, that even this summer.) , drivers and transport companies threaten punishment, respectively EUR 30 i EUR 90 for every hour spent in a vehicle during regular rest weekend. Germany would be the next to Belgium, France and Austria country, which prohibits drivers to receive weekly rest in the cabin.


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