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Driving bans vehicles with diesel engines in selected cities in Germany

In February 2018 r. Federal Administrative Court allowed driving bans diesel vehicles. More and more courts manages the new driving bans for older diesel engines.

Here is an overview of cities and regions where such bans are already in place or are planned:

Aachen: the competent administrative court ordered the city to prepare for the end of the year 2018 Driving bans for older diesel engines.

Berlin: from 01.07 2019 r. It is to be closed the center for vehicles with diesel ecological class Euro 0 do Euro 5. This will cover the following streets: Reinhardtstrasse, Brückenstrasse, Fried¬richstrasse, Kapweg, Alt Moabit, Stromstrasse, Leipziger Street, Leonorenstrasse.

Bonn: driving ban will be in force for vehicles with diesel ecological class Euro 0 do Euro 4 in the city center on two streets from 01.04.2019 year. The government Rhine- NRW announced appeal against the planned driving bans in four cities of the Land. The ban would apply to Hügelstrasse the city tunnel and Heinrichstraße. On these streets will be able to move only vehicles with ecological class Euro 6.

Essen: Gelsenkirchen Administrative Court ordered a ban on driving on the highway A 40. In addition to the driving ban would apply to 18 neighborhoods in the city of Essen. From 01.07.2019 r. They will be able to navigate in these districts only vehicles with ecological class Euro 5 i Euro 6. In September 2019 r. They are to be excluded even in the forbidden zones of ecological driving vehicles of Euro class 5.

Frankfurt/Main: According to the court order ban driving force had originally been 01.01.2019 r. For vehicles with diesel ecological class Euro 0 do Euro 4. In September 2019 driving ban was to be extended to Euro class 5. Driving ban would be in place Frankfurtskim triangle motorway. Implementation of the ban on driving was stopped if the ultimate explanation by the court, because the city challenged judgment.

Gelsenkirchen: In this city driving ban is in force only on one street, namely the main street Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse from 01.07.2019 year. There will be able to move only diesel vehicles ecological class Euro 6, because the load of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) exceeds the maximum value.

Hamburg: At the Elbe driving bans in force since 31.05.2018 year. These include two sections of streets with a total length 2,2 km. Diesels can get around only with ecological class Euro 6.

Cologne: In Cologne driving ban will be in force from 01.04.2019 r. Cologne in the area of ​​environmental. She has a size 88 square kilometers and covers almost the entire city center. Off to be first vehicles with diesel engines ecological class Euro 0 do Euro 4. From 01.09.2019 r. ban to be covered by the environmental class Euro diesels 5.

Mainz / Mainz: If the city in the first half 2019 r. does not meet the maximum values ​​of air pollution, will be forced to order a driving ban. Yes wyrokował local administrative court. Only then will decide the, which areas of the city will be excluded older diesels.

Stuttgart: In the capital of Baden -Württembergii driving bans are already in force since January 2019 r. In the environmental area in the city center. This applies to vehicles with diesel engines from the environmental class Euro 0 do Euro 4.

The German government intends to change the rules of the road for driving prohibitions diesel. The text of the amendment is at present unknown.

Source: German media / own work
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